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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Add your business center to google Maps

You may have any sort of business, you may run single coffee shop or restaurant but if you want to make your business noticed to customer who is searching for their needs on internet.Google helped in this thing, you can give your business location information and etc to google.From there when customer searches for needs in google Maps which matches your business services then your business location will be given by google Maps.This will help a lot for customer to find their needs and it is easy way to promote your business also.

Just log in to(in India)

There it will ask you for business name and verifaction pin.But for first time users,you can register your business center by clicking link on right itself.After registering Google will post the name and pin details to your address.If you have several business options then also you can register them with the same account.Then you can find your business center in google maps.

Donot worry about forgetting windows login password

This video tutorial helps them who have forgotten their windows login password and wants to retrieve it.

Illuminated trailer(animated)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boost your system with Microsoft Power Toys

Microsoft power toys which give some lively features to windows XP users.These are some special programs designed by developers after releasing the product.There are several power toys to utilize
as per XP user needs.
What you can do with power toys?

  1. You can resize the images whatever may be their existing size with Image Resizer(Download)
  2. Take the pictures from webcam in a certain time intervals with webcam timershot(Download).
  3. Access the system settings which were not given for normal XP user with Tweak UI(Download).
  4. You can replace switching between windows(Alt+Tab) with getting preview of the page/window for Alt+Tab with Alt-Tab replacement power toy.(Download)
  5. Get "Open Command Window here" in context menu of each folder with Open Command Window Here(Download).
  6. Create and manage the virtual desktops upto four in same system with Virtual Desktop Manager(Download)
These power toys are packed with good features(recommended), if you want more power toys check this

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Find whether your gmail contacts use orkut

Now Orkut enables you to check whether your gmail contacts use orkut and also you can add them.You can also invite your contacts in gmail who are not a member of orkut.
Just login to your orkut account and in your home page check the link "find friends" on left panel.It simply gives the some orkut profiles who are in your gmail contacts and not as your friend in orkut.Mark the profiles you want to add them as your friend or you can skip adding them.Then it shows the gmail contacts list who are not in orkut.You can invite them to orkut.This technique only works for gmail contacts.
It helped me a lot to find my friends in orkut.For those who are using other mail services wait for some more time, i think they will surely consider this issue also.

Its time to share your gmail story with world

I think everybody have some story behind using gmail.If you can play with gmail to do something useful,fun, or unique? then its time to share your story with world.For this simply catch up your cam and shoot your funny story and upload it to youtube or you can mail it to google.For more information check this

but you have to post the story by December 31st 2007.Google already taken these type of steps like gmail-m-velope.

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