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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Add your business center to google Maps

You may have any sort of business, you may run single coffee shop or restaurant but if you want to make your business noticed to customer who is searching for their needs on internet.Google helped in this thing, you can give your business location information and etc to google.From there when customer searches for needs in google Maps which matches your business services then your business location will be given by google Maps.This will help a lot for customer to find their needs and it is easy way to promote your business also.

Just log in to(in India)

There it will ask you for business name and verifaction pin.But for first time users,you can register your business center by clicking link on right itself.After registering Google will post the name and pin details to your address.If you have several business options then also you can register them with the same account.Then you can find your business center in google maps.

1 comment:

  1. as per your provided url for list our business or update our existing business we have entered but after pressing enter button Sorry, we're unable to find the page you requested message displayed on the screen.


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