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Monday, November 26, 2007

Check mails in your gmail account if gmail is blocked at your workplace/school

If gmail is blocked at your workplace or school,and you want to check your mails then there is a simple solution provided by gmail itself.After logging into gmail, at search mail box you will see create a filter option(click on it).At "To" field enter your complete mail id and click Next Step.Next you will see various options to do, simply check the "Forward it to box" and enter your mail account which can be accessible at you workplace or school and click on create filter.From now onwards you can simply check your gmail account without login to it.I hope you can check various options given by these filters.With these filters you can apply lables to your incoming mails,forward the mails from specified accounts,keeping archive and etc.So use filters and make mailing easy.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Do you fight like these 300 spartan apples

Friday, November 9, 2007

Use gmail to send mails as from other account

I use gmail as my main mailing account.Sometimes i need to send mails from other accounts(any other mail services like yahoo,rediffmail,hotmail, gmail etc).For that i have to login to that account and will send mails from there.But with using gmail no need to do that.There is a great feature which enables you to send mails from other account without login to that account.You can send mails from already login account in gmail.
For example i was logged into one must be gmail account only) and i want to send mail from any other mail service account),then no need to login to abc account.Simply follow these steps.

  • Goto settings in you were logged in)
  • Under accounts tab,click add another mail account and give the details
  • Then it waits for verification.You can verify it by checking the verification mail sent to you have added account).
  • At,check the link in mail or copy the verification code.
  • Paste that verification code into verification given in
  • Finally you can send mails from as from by selecting it at "from" location speicified while composing mail.
And also you can set that mail address as default mail sending account.This one is really cool feature.I've been implementing for my mail account and i feel comfortable because no need to worry about where i am logged in.

Yahoo Pipes to Rewire the Web

This one is another product from Yahoo to rewire the web.As from yahoo pipes,pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate,manipulate and mashup content(feeds) from around the world.
Pipes is used to fetch the content from various sources, merge them and sort them in order for quick view.It is an effective tool merge the related content from the corners of web.It is same like UNIX pipes which combines data as per commands and gives output as needed.Pipes also works like same.You can create a pipe to combine different feeds to one and also translate them.You can also share the pipes and host the pipes, this have some good features.The output of pipes may be of
RSS, JSON, KML, and other formats.It works quite cool.Just give a try.For more information

check Yahoo pipes blog

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Google entered into Open Social

Open Social enables the users to build applications which keeps you to communicate with your friends in the network.It makes easier for social networking,by building apps with API and java scripts.There are several sites which gives this facility,now google marched into social networking with open social.So you can create your own apps to meet social network's friends and update the feeds.
Open Social technology is implemented by google's gadget technology.So it is free to use and implement.Open Social will give common standard APIs to build applications.For developers to get started it has given limited orkut sandbox to build applicaiotions.
To get started(recommeded for developers who know java scripts,HTML,PHP,Java,Ruby etc) signup for open social, check this link.

To know more about Orkut's sandbox

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

gPumps:Get directions from google at gas pumps

Now you need not to worry about getting directions while traveling (if you don't have any gps systems).Google will show the maps at gas pumps on the screen and you can also get the printout of it.
Google is planning to add google maps feature to around 3500 U.S gas pumps.These pumps will have small screen and internet connection to get access the maps.It is something like ad service but its not direct,it is by coupons.Soon, it will be easy to get directions at all gas pumps with help of google. This shows how google is becoming part our life.I think one day google will be for everything in our life.

See how Microsoft Surface works

How to call and manage contacts in Apple's iPhone

See the features of apple's iPhone

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get out of pressure with free hugs

Monday, November 5, 2007

Now you can ask questions to your Orkut friends with privacy

Orkut has launched a new feature" ask friends".It enables the users to ask the questions to your friends or groups in orkut.You have to add this feature from add stuff and it will be added on left panel of your profile.Then you will get "ask friends" link on left panel.Goto ask friends and then you will be given choice to ask a question among friends or ask individual friends.Ask among friends enable you to ask friends who are selected by orkut based on their previous answers and interests.Another is you can ask friends individual,that means you have to choose them.
This feature gives you some privacy to discuss about topic.This one really cool in orkut.because our orkut profile can be accessed by anyone,there is no such privacy to discuss abt some topic or asking abt something.But now this feature enables you to do this.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Try new Yahoo Messenger9(BETA)

Yahoo launched new Yahoo IM 9(Beta) for instant messaging.But at now it is Beta.It is most user friendly.It is loaded with new icons and skins.check for more ,download it from

The new look of Yahoo messenger 9 Beta is

How to fold a shirt just in 20 seconds

Explore Firefox new editions

Firefox had made revolution in web browsing with its fast and secure browsing.After a long time it had launched new editions.Now it focused on students and trading.It named editions as Firefox Campus Edition and Firefox e-bay edition.

Campus edition focuses on students.It is more students friendly.

The browser is embbeded with features like

  • Listen to music while you surf and connect the music to the web with Foxytunes.

  • You can explore new sites as per your intrestes with stumbleupon.

  • To collect,manage and cite you research sources with zotero.
get the Campus edtion from this link

e-Bay edition has features like

  • More secured in login to bidding.

  • Getting latest updates so you can be on top to get the stuff.

  • Explore genuine ebay site ,avoid spoof and fake sites.

get e-Bay edition from this link

Participate in Extend Firefox2 contest

It is part of viring firefox to the remaining world.Mozilla is giving a chance to spread the firefox2.A contest has to began sothat you have to give your ideas to make firefox2 more flexible and idealistic.Discover the new ideas for addons to change lifes of million.The contest name is Extend Firefox2 contest.You have great ideas, then make them true with this contest and get the gifts for your great ideas.For more refer

and if you need some support to think then see these ideas.

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