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Friday, August 10, 2007

Access blocked Orkut /Myspace from your work place

If Orkut is blocked at your work place then here is the solution to access orkut from where it is blocked.You may find so many Proxy servers which can give you accessing anonymously a blocked sites at your place.But rather than using those proxies then use these ways.While orkut is also blocked at my school, i use these sites to access orkut.
If your server blocks only then go for|en& (which uses google's translate service, sothat it translates english version to english)

If you can access the site when you know the IP address of the server which it is running.
then know the IP addresses with

If you need some proxies to access blocked sites go for it

For a list of proxy services go to

***Finaaly if you cann't get a way to unblock the blocked orkut/myspace sites then goto

this one is very GOOD to access blokced orkut/myspace.It acts like a web site but you can access those two bloked sites at your work place or school.
Break the RULES.

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