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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

GRE Barron's 12th edition book download

Many of CAT aspirants and who wanna to get job in companies like TCS,WIPRO and etc.All the questions(in verbal section) you get are from Barron's GRE 12th edition only.But if you search for it in the market you cannot find it easily because i tried it.Then i tried for it in the internet,and i came to know it here

from above link you can download the book.But the book is password protected for performin any operation like modifying or copying or printing.Here is the list for it
useful notes for it

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gmail M-velope

Help google to imgaine how an email message travels over the world.Gmail gives you one collabrative video,for all you have to add your own clips to it and google will rotate it and adds best one to final video.At last the final video will be in gmail site.For that you have to submit you clips by August 13th 2007.
All it takes is a video camera, the Gmail M-velope ( ), and some creativity.
For any other information refer

Friday, July 27, 2007

share photos

If you want to share your photos with your friends and family then these are the places to go for.

Good site for CAT

For all CAT aspirants there is a place to talk about CAT.You can find all the stuff whatever you need regarding CAT exam.You can view CAT previous papers,methods to crack CAT,about coaching institutes for CAT and Other MBA exams.In that site lots of stuff is there for CAT,for all you have to use it.But for that you have to register in that site.You can also get help from already CAT crackers and your fellow CAT aspirants.Its like a discussion form.This also gives IIAMs news and events going there in campus.
Finally you have to search all most entire site gives you more informaiton related to CAT.
here the site
I like this site.Its a unique website that gives you information about CAT and other MBA exams.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

greeting card sites

For every occasion you will greet your friends and relatives.Suprise them with these romantic and warm wishing cards.If you wanna birthday cards,funny cards,3d cards,flash cards,music cards,love cards,bestwishes cards,thank you cards,festival cards,christmas cards,holloween cards,flower cards and etc. Find them in these list

Monday, July 23, 2007

file hosting sites

If you wanna to share your files with friends and others, you can upload them into these sites.Sothat others can view them.You can get the link for your file,then you can share that link with your friends sothat you can they can view the files.They can also download that stuff from that link.But what varies from one site to other is,the support given for file size.Some provides with large size and some not.Premium services are also available to download and upload the very big content.You can upload any type of data which you want to share.

If you wanna more file hosting providers and reviews,check this

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Play all media files

You may be using windows media player(which comes with all versions of windows default),real player,jet audio,powerDVD,win DVD and etc for palying audio and video files.But all supports different formats.To play different formats you have to download codecs which supports your player.But some players supports those formats default.One of them is VLC media player
It supports almost all type of formats.With installing it there is no need of codecs intsallation.This is very powerful player which plays almost all.
you can check VLC features here
It supports for streaming.check it here
you can download it from here

Friday, July 20, 2007

How to make your blog at top while searching

Always there will be something to know.Pick up that something to write and think about how to present them.Before you write any article you have to find yourself how can you present it effectively and efficiently.
1.At first you have to confirm about what you want to write.
2.Gather the information for that topic.
3.Frame it and present it with your creative eye.

All of us are so much interested about how can be our blog appears at top while at searching
1.You have to update your blog daily.Don't forget to do it. engines only looks for daily updating web pages/blogs.
3.Don't copy and paste from others blogs/sites.
4.keep trying for unique content to present.Wait a min,unique content means presenting a topic with in your own words.
5.Maintain fresh topics sothat readers will show interest at your blog.
6.Finally try to give most keywords you can give in your posts.sothat your blog contains more data gives you more hits.

Don't forget to update and give fresh data in you blog.
keep blogging...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

copying files faster

While i am copying files in my system,it may be from CD/DVD/pen drive to my systerm, there will be lots of system's time is wasted for this copying.I mostly use audio and video files, so i get them from CDs/DVDs/flash drives but copying them into system they are slow in copying files eventhough those systems are high end.Later i came to know about file copying softwares which makes copying files much faster than ever.
You can use any type of file like audio, video or document files it can copy them with more speed.These are the softwares which can be used for copy.

Burst copy
i am using this software in my system.It is good because it is copying files faster than previous copying by OS.You can also choose the memory it can use,priority given to its execution etc.But the speed of copying files depends on the settings you have choosen and also with programs you are running parallely with it.But you will get the result as faster than previous.It doesn't need much space to install and run (very low).
There are some other software's also which can copy files faster in network and in your system.
check them

tera copy

copy handler

secure copy

use them and save processor run time ofcourse your time also.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

online documentaries

If you like documentaries then get them from these sites.In these sites you can find documentaries related to politics,
health,foreign,environment,history,lifestyle,science and technology etc.

Monday, July 16, 2007

share and download music

This is one example for rapid growth of internet today. Now in internet there is P2P networking which enabled us to share the files. There are some sites which provides sharing and downloading the music.In these sites the content is legal as they specified.You can share your music files to the world and you can download your favorite music legally.The list goes here
share and download legally. Say NO to PIRACY

Sunday, July 15, 2007

CAT 2007 notification

Any way the notification for CAT -2007 is given.You can get the application forms from UTI bank/Vijaya bank in your city or from IIMs.
Important dates
test date: November 18th 2007, 10 AM to 1PM
Last date of issuing applications @ UTI/Vijaya banks: August 16th 2007
Last date of issuing applications @ IIMs: August 20th 2007
Last date of receiving applications @IIM :Septmeber 8th 2007
For any other information refer

To know information about IIMs check these sites
IIM ahmedabad
IIM Bangalore
IIM calcutta
IIM Indore
IIM kezhicode
IIM Luknow

Saturday, July 14, 2007

convert files

If you want to convert your files from one format to other format,no need of softwares to be installed just check these sites.You can covert files of any type to other.
In this you can convert the file size upto 100MB.It supports the following formats
bmp,gif,ico,jpg,pcx,png,tga,tiff,wbmp,wmf(image formats)
aac,aa3,flac,m4a,mmf,mp3,ogg,ra,ram,wav,wma(audio formats)
3gp,avi,flv,gvi,iphone,ipod,m4u,mov,mp4,mpg,ogg,rm,rmvb,vob,wmv(video formats)
csv,doc,pdf,rtf,txt,docx,html,odp,ods,odt,pcx,ppt,ps,wps,wpd,xls,xml(document formats)
It directly sends the converted files to your given mail id.
check this for converting online videos in video sharing websites like youtube,google videos etc
in this you can directly give URL(which contains file) or you can upload the file for conversion.It comes with various formats.You can also compress the files.The supported formats are
text,PDF, PS, open office,microsoft word, rtf,pocket word, word perfect,HTML, XHTML, star writer
star calc,CSV, dBase,quattro pro, open office spreadsheet, microsoft excel, pocket excel, lotus 123
MathML, star math, open office math
microsoft powerpoint, star impress, open office presentation
It directly converts online videos to
AVI for windows(DIVX+MP3)
MOV for Mac(MPEG4+MP3)
3GP for mobile(MPEG4+AAC)

Friday, July 13, 2007

download entire website

If you are so much impressed with some website and you want to have all its contents or you may want to have part of it.To make your dream comes true there are softwares which are intended for downloading the websites entirely or part of it.That is you can save the group of web pages or you can save the entire website.This is offline browsing
which enables you to see the websites which you want even you are offline.
The following links gives you some good website downloaders.

for portable offline browser you can check this

Thursday, July 12, 2007

optimize Vista

As i given details about WinXp Manager to tweak and optimize windows XP, there is Vista manager for windows Vista.
This is also like Winxp manger, it has all the features to tweak your system as you like.All most the features in winxp manger are in vista manger.
If you want to give a try, check these links




if you need framework check this

optimize windows XP

Here i am giving best software to tweak and optimize your windows xp.As i have tested other softwares also but in all of them this one is the best one.It is Win XP Manager.By using this software you can speedup your system startup and shutdown time,control the memory usage,tweak your system hardware to increase its speed,change the settings which you can't change directly etc.You can find all 30 types of utilities to tweak and optimize your system.
Generally you may have cleaners separately to clean all unnecessary files,registry cleaners to clean the registry, uninstallers for smart uninstalling, whereas all these type of cleaners are also embedded with it.
You may find some problems with context menus of mouse right clicking,but this software enables you to modify that context menus.There are different softwares to change your windows logon screen and to change system icons but you can find all of them with WinXp Manager.
It also gives security features that no other software gives you.List does not ends here there are so many other features you can find with it.This is the most essential software for every can download the software from these links( free trial)


if you want to buy it try this link

if you need any help check this link

Note: For installing this software it requires microsoft .net framework
you can download from here
framework 3.0

framework 2.0

framework 1.1

Your system now in your hands

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

File extensions

While you are using your notebook/computer you may find lots of files with unknown extensions.If you are so eager to know about those file extensions, there is a website which gives you all that information.

it also come as google gadget named as FILExt gadget so that you can directly query for desired file extensions and get the information from the FILExt database.This gadget very useful for knowing unknown file extensions.But for using it you must be already installed with google deskotp.You can download this gadget from the following link

if you have any queries you can check the following link

From now onwards there will be no unknown file extensions.Surprise your friends with your knowledge in file extensions where they even don't know about it.

Learn all computer languages

Here some sites are given which you can use them to learn languages like HTML,XHTML,CSS,TCP/IP,PHP,ASP&,Java&JSP,XML,Perl,Python, etc.







the below listed sites very good to learn.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

video download sites

All of you are so much interested in downloading videos, to download them there are some sites which provides free video downloads.You can also upload your videos into that sites.This is the time to show your creativity.I am listing some sites which gives free video downloads.From these sites you can search according to your interests.

Youtube - all types of videos
Google Video
Angry Alien
Blastro - hip-hop, pop,R&B,latin and reggaeton music videos
Blennus -video blogging and podcasting services
Castpost - web video solutions
CollegeHumor - funny picture, funny videos and funny links
Danerd- funny videos sharing community
DevilDucky- interactive flash and funny videos
Lulu TV
MySpace Video Code
That Video Site
vidiLife -free video hosting
ZippyVideos - media sharing community

there are lots of sties which provides these facility but above are good in them.
In forthcoming articles i will try to give you sites for telugu, hindi and other languages songs with their language category.
see it, enjoy it and have a creative mind.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Login to multiple gmail accounts at once

while i am having multiple gmail accounts, i have problem in logging into multiple accounts because one gmail account is opened i cann't check other accounts mail. it costs lots of time to logout and login again. For this i have seen a best add-on(for firefox users) which can make you to login into multiple gmail accounts at once.You can check whatever account you want to see(sorry if its yours only).
you can download this add-on from mozilla site or from below link

and if you want more about other add-ons for gmail goto this link.

gmail add-ons

surfing is not easy, add-ons make it EASY
keep searching for best add-ons and have fun with them.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

google toolbar

while i am a google user, i am tired of entering google's products address into addressbar and also once logged into orkut checking emails in gmail put me to login again as all you found are also tired with it then read it and get rid of it. i am bored with typing,, etc.. into address bar in the web browser. All these are packed with single click, now you don't need to type all those stuff.
you can use google toolbar with your web browser whereas you are using firefox or internet explorer.
this toolbar enables you to search without going to google site. you can add whatever your interests in google products to the google toolbar so that you can access them with single click.
you can download google toolbar from this link.

in this page only you can find toolbar for internet explorer.

if you are using orkut in one tab and if you want to go for gmail then simply check them at gmail item present in your toolbar. no need to login again.
and also you can have more google products into it. all google products at your single mouse click.
if you are firefox user these are the firefox extensions from google.

the more you surf google, you know more.

Friday, July 6, 2007

CAT coaching institues

This information for MBA aspirants and who wanna to crack CAT 2007, CAT 2008.If your mind is moving like pendulum for CAT, your willingness is to crack CAT then here the list to join in coaching institutes for CAT.

T.I.M.E institute
most CAT rank holders are from this only. check it to know your nearest coaching institute.

IMS institute
this is also famous for CAT coaching.
and others are

CL institute (career launcher)

ERUDITE institute

Ascent education


PT Eduaction

there are also other institutes which gives CAT coaching but the above are GOOD.
You can also get Mock tests from them. Whereas IMS can send you material through post.

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