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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gmail with updated Storage Counter Code

Gmail, the well known name which bought revolution in emailing from April 1,2004.It has started with 1GB storage which made others
to think about their service.Now, it has grown with 3.148GB(at right now)storage limit and 20MB file attachment limit which is ahead of all
its competitors.Day by day Gmail is becoming nightmare for them.It is because, it updated its storage generating counter.Now, its counting so fast that you can see these things
in the future

1. 4.2GB by the 23rd this month
2. 6GB by January 4th next year
3. 42GB by the year of 2038
4. and 2.70266701 × 1072 TB* by 1/2/3456 7:00 (calculations are from other sources)

The new updated storage counter code in gmail's source code is
// Estimates of nanite storage generation over time.
var CP = [
[ 1175414400000, 2835 ],
[ 1192176000000, 2912 ],
[ 1193122800000, 4321 ],
[ 1199433600000, 6283 ],
[ 2147328000000, 43008 ],
[ 46893711600000, Number.MAX_VALUE ]

In the first itself it has prompted that it is looking for "Infinity+1" storage plan.To see this (in this it shows 2912MB storage)

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