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Monday, March 17, 2008

One link to access All

"Is it possible?", the one question gets into our minds.You have seen shortening the long links in the previous post.It will be helpful when you are sharing only one link, but what about multiple number of links.Even shortening all the links one by one is not a good idea.The solution for this problem is, merging all the links to one link.Then it is easy to share.
To do this, is one solution.Let see how it works:

  • Just copy all the links to linkbunch, the you will be given one link.
  • Share that link with your friends over IM,email and SMS.
  • When they clicks on the link,it will display a page with links actually you want to share.
No registration is required.Not only merging the links, it will cut down the long links to shorter(you can try with only one link).It comes as firefox extension also(very nice thing of it).But the disadvantage is it will not check the links provided by you are valid or not.

Another solution is voolia with other feature than linkbunch.Here you can retrieve your murl(one link to access multiple links), if you forget it.For that you have to provide your mail address for retrieving the link back. You can put this murl on your twitter page directly from voolia. In this there is no link verification before merging and no extensions are available.
I think some more new products also come with this idea.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for noticing my Voolia application.

    This project is fairly new. For now, new features are on hold...if I ever get the time, I'm sure I'll whip out something new to add.

    Best regards,
    Kevin Smith creator


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