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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Say NO more long URLs!!

Today everything is becoming small and powerful like my digicam which i used to catch my friends and fun things,cellphone and even my laptop.Every time we are looking forward to carry small and powerful things.But coming to internet,when we used to share link,the website urls going longer than ever.Don't worry,here also we can bring "small and powerful" using these websites.

It is very simple and unique way.No registration,No ads,and the performance is excellent.If your intention is to just having small links then it is the only one which has that results.But it lacks in path forwarding,no privacy.To get ultra small links just qurl It!.

This also with good flavors. No registration is required now but it is coming soon,No spam
and web safe features are there.It also has disc like No privacy and No toolbar support. check more at canurl.

It has more and nice features like privacy supported ( keyword feature),URLs can be large upto 5000 characters,and permanent redirecting etc.But while i was checking this site, i didnot get results for some links(even they are exist) where others in this category worked fine.So look into memurl if you look for more features.
Apart from above,the most famous and powerful websites are

This is one of powerful website including security,toolbar support,multi snip(snip multi urls at once),path forwarding,tracking and alot.Check more at snipurl

It is another cool website.It has a unique feature that you can have the snipped url in other formats like css,java,php,sql,ruby,python,xml,vb,javascript,csharp and html.And also it is featured with some good services.So look for textsnip.

And most user wanted and powerful sites are,, and other sites which can do the job are

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