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Sunday, July 8, 2007

google toolbar

while i am a google user, i am tired of entering google's products address into addressbar and also once logged into orkut checking emails in gmail put me to login again as all you found are also tired with it then read it and get rid of it. i am bored with typing,, etc.. into address bar in the web browser. All these are packed with single click, now you don't need to type all those stuff.
you can use google toolbar with your web browser whereas you are using firefox or internet explorer.
this toolbar enables you to search without going to google site. you can add whatever your interests in google products to the google toolbar so that you can access them with single click.
you can download google toolbar from this link.

in this page only you can find toolbar for internet explorer.

if you are using orkut in one tab and if you want to go for gmail then simply check them at gmail item present in your toolbar. no need to login again.
and also you can have more google products into it. all google products at your single mouse click.
if you are firefox user these are the firefox extensions from google.

the more you surf google, you know more.

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