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Friday, July 20, 2007

How to make your blog at top while searching

Always there will be something to know.Pick up that something to write and think about how to present them.Before you write any article you have to find yourself how can you present it effectively and efficiently.
1.At first you have to confirm about what you want to write.
2.Gather the information for that topic.
3.Frame it and present it with your creative eye.

All of us are so much interested about how can be our blog appears at top while at searching
1.You have to update your blog daily.Don't forget to do it. engines only looks for daily updating web pages/blogs.
3.Don't copy and paste from others blogs/sites.
4.keep trying for unique content to present.Wait a min,unique content means presenting a topic with in your own words.
5.Maintain fresh topics sothat readers will show interest at your blog.
6.Finally try to give most keywords you can give in your posts.sothat your blog contains more data gives you more hits.

Don't forget to update and give fresh data in you blog.
keep blogging...

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