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Thursday, July 19, 2007

copying files faster

While i am copying files in my system,it may be from CD/DVD/pen drive to my systerm, there will be lots of system's time is wasted for this copying.I mostly use audio and video files, so i get them from CDs/DVDs/flash drives but copying them into system they are slow in copying files eventhough those systems are high end.Later i came to know about file copying softwares which makes copying files much faster than ever.
You can use any type of file like audio, video or document files it can copy them with more speed.These are the softwares which can be used for copy.

Burst copy
i am using this software in my system.It is good because it is copying files faster than previous copying by OS.You can also choose the memory it can use,priority given to its execution etc.But the speed of copying files depends on the settings you have choosen and also with programs you are running parallely with it.But you will get the result as faster than previous.It doesn't need much space to install and run (very low).
There are some other software's also which can copy files faster in network and in your system.
check them

tera copy

copy handler

secure copy

use them and save processor run time ofcourse your time also.

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