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Monday, November 5, 2007

Now you can ask questions to your Orkut friends with privacy

Orkut has launched a new feature" ask friends".It enables the users to ask the questions to your friends or groups in orkut.You have to add this feature from add stuff and it will be added on left panel of your profile.Then you will get "ask friends" link on left panel.Goto ask friends and then you will be given choice to ask a question among friends or ask individual friends.Ask among friends enable you to ask friends who are selected by orkut based on their previous answers and interests.Another is you can ask friends individual,that means you have to choose them.
This feature gives you some privacy to discuss about topic.This one really cool in orkut.because our orkut profile can be accessed by anyone,there is no such privacy to discuss abt some topic or asking abt something.But now this feature enables you to do this.

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