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Friday, November 2, 2007

Explore Firefox new editions

Firefox had made revolution in web browsing with its fast and secure browsing.After a long time it had launched new editions.Now it focused on students and trading.It named editions as Firefox Campus Edition and Firefox e-bay edition.

Campus edition focuses on students.It is more students friendly.

The browser is embbeded with features like

  • Listen to music while you surf and connect the music to the web with Foxytunes.

  • You can explore new sites as per your intrestes with stumbleupon.

  • To collect,manage and cite you research sources with zotero.
get the Campus edtion from this link

e-Bay edition has features like

  • More secured in login to bidding.

  • Getting latest updates so you can be on top to get the stuff.

  • Explore genuine ebay site ,avoid spoof and fake sites.

get e-Bay edition from this link

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