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Friday, November 9, 2007

Use gmail to send mails as from other account

I use gmail as my main mailing account.Sometimes i need to send mails from other accounts(any other mail services like yahoo,rediffmail,hotmail, gmail etc).For that i have to login to that account and will send mails from there.But with using gmail no need to do that.There is a great feature which enables you to send mails from other account without login to that account.You can send mails from already login account in gmail.
For example i was logged into one must be gmail account only) and i want to send mail from any other mail service account),then no need to login to abc account.Simply follow these steps.

  • Goto settings in you were logged in)
  • Under accounts tab,click add another mail account and give the details
  • Then it waits for verification.You can verify it by checking the verification mail sent to you have added account).
  • At,check the link in mail or copy the verification code.
  • Paste that verification code into verification given in
  • Finally you can send mails from as from by selecting it at "from" location speicified while composing mail.
And also you can set that mail address as default mail sending account.This one is really cool feature.I've been implementing for my mail account and i feel comfortable because no need to worry about where i am logged in.

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