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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Indiatimes launched new mail service

Its true,indiatimes,the digital venture of Times internet limited launched a new mail service on Wednesday.It comes with unlimited storage which can hold any number of mails.It is developed on AJAX and web2.0 technology which can give you faster mail experience.It is released as BETA version.So it has given two options to use indiatimes mail as basic version and rich version.It says that it is the fastest mail service now because of using AJAX and web 2.0, where AJAX is for faster mail connectivity and HTML for slow mail connectivity.What you can do with this new mail service as you are having so many other mail services,it comes with some unique options.check it

  • It bags lots of internet stuff to your inbox which are like shopping,games and sending gifts.
  • It enables you searching your mail box with date,domain,time,tag,attachments and size also,whereas it gives you one nice feature that you can save you search pattern for future use.
  • Now you can translate your mails to any language.
  • You can look up wikipedia.
  • You can schedule you day with calendar and you can get reminder for your appointments within specified time up to 60 min before.
  • Set the server to check for new mail with specified time default 2min( called polling inteval).
  • Crate mail filters with criteria to,cc,subject,attachemnts,size and etc.
  • Can create notebooks and edit them.
This mail service comes with tabbed browsing for all your stuff in inbox.It has to improve a lot about its look. Arrangement of page elements are not that much good and reading mails are not fitted to browser window.You have to scroll all the time to read entire mail(Oh god please help in this).There are so many other mail services
which can work effeciently and effectively than this.If you are intrested check it out..
But all what it says LIVE OUT OF INBOX with FASTER mail service.

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