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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ultimate SPY software for your PC

This one is very good spy software(Power SPY 2007).If you wanna to know whats happening with your system when you are away from it.It monitors your system when other users are using your sytem when your are out in invisible mode, means user cannot know its presence in the background.You cann't see it even in start menu,programming files,add/remove programs and no shortcut icons.You will control its functions with s/w's comtrol panel enabled with some HOTKEY.
It can track all keystrokes,windows opened,applications enabled,net surfing,and files opened etc.
You can have eye on children,employee,and others using your system when you are away.This programs runs in stealth mode sothat user cannot know its existence.You can take snapshots of your monitor for a particular period of time.It stores others passwords used for login in net using your system.This one is a powerful tool to monitor your system when your are away.
You can downlaod this software from this link

One more thing you can also view the chat sessions carried out in all popular messengers like Yahoo,MSN messenger,Skype,Windows Live messenger,AOL messenger,ICQ,and AIM and can track all websites visited in all web browsers.
Have a eye on your system.

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