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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tweak windows to access any folder faster

You may have frequently using files/folders in your system.But what makes difficult is accessing them,every time you have to go to its location to access it.When you are using folders/files frequently, for them Windows has given a built-in option.For that you have to create a toolbar.
Here the steps to go

  • Go to task bar and right click on the task bar.
  • In the pop up menu, you will find toolbars option.go to it
  • A sub pop up menu appears,in that find NEW toolbar option.
  • Just select the which you folder you wanna to quick access.
Its simple.Finally you will get the folder on your task bar.Just go on with it.You can create(for quick access) more folders on taskbar.No need to worry about where the folder in your system and to dig it.Its a very good feature given by Windows operating system.

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