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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Link you phone with WEB

While surfing the internet i found something, jaxtr which is used to link your phone with web.That means you can get calls from family n friends while they are online and you are away.Remember you phone number will be kept PRIVATE.
It works with any type of phone (land line or mobile phone).You can also control your incoming calls from the web.
No need of any software downloads for it(good to see this).It will cost you nothing(even single cent)WOW its FREE.
steps to follow

  • First you have to register and get the link from the jaxtr website.
  • You can share the link or place a widget into you blog/website, sothat others can view the link.
  • Get the calls from your family and friends.Its easy.
If you have any FAQs then refer
know how it works better

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