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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Which broadband is the Best?

I get confused to choose a broadband connection in my locality(bangalore).In the market there are various service providers like BSNL,Tata indicom,Reliance,Sify,Airtel and etc.The above are leading in market.From searching on the net i came to know thses things about them( in the order of preference)

  • It offers very good connectivity.
  • Thier offers are good compared others.(i.e with low price)
  • Take days/months to get the new connection.
  • No immediate servicing.
  • No 24*7 support.
  • Decent connectivity.
  • Good service oriented.
  • Not supported in many areas.
  • Average price.
  • Good in Customer service support.
Tata Indicom
  • Good connectivity.
  • Poor service.(depends on area you live)
  • More formalities should be done before taking new connection.(a long procedure)
  • High price.(you have to pay lot at a time)
  • Atleast 3 months subscription.If you want to take it out, you cannot get the money back.
  • Poor 24*7 service.
Here reliance and sify compete with each other to get this last position.Both are not good in even one thing.They are very BAD. Please donot go for those in any case.Go for BSNL ( have low price and good connectivity) otherwise go for Airtel(for better 24*7 support) or Tata indicom(good connectivity and high price ,service varies from area to area).
From all if you can have cable net then it is good to choose among all these.But whatever you make a step before that get the reviews from others in your locatlity.Because things varies from one to other.
To know more information about braodbands goto
I will upadate this article later.

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